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The flight controller is the brain of a drone. A small box filled with intelligent electronics and software, which monitors and controls everything the drone does. And just like the brains of different organisms, flight controllers also vary in sizes and complexity..

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  • K++V2 Flight Controller for Agriculture Drones
  • JIYI K++ V2 combines the advantages of the classic flight control K3A 
  • Strengthens the compatibility and multi-redundancy scheme to form a redundant redundancy control system with superior performance and strong reliability
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  • KX flight controller is designed for industrial application scenarios, software and hardware redundancy control
  • It has advanced software diagnostic algorithms to meet the applications of power line inspection, police fire protection, logistics, emergency rescue, transportation, surveying and mapping.
  • Provide API interface development according to different needs 
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  • K3-A Pro flight controller is specially designed for agricultural sprayer drones
  • It has a variety of modes and exclusive functions for agriculture sprayer drones 
  • It supports manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous flight
  • It is efficient and easy to operate 
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  • The N3 Flight Controller is compatible with professional remote controllers and receivers.
  • Dji\'s Intelligent ESC, Dji Go, Lightbridge 2, IOSD.
  •  It also integrates seamlessly with Dji\'s Zenmuse series of gimbal and cameras
  • Dual IMU redundancy and built-in black box
  • Expandable navigation module
  • SDK compatibility 
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  • SIYI N7 Autopilot Flight Controller 
  • Compatible with Ardupilot and PX4 Ecosystem
  • M9N GPS and 2 to 14S Power Module for Drone UAV UGV USV Robotics
  • Systematic Solution
  • The Open-Source Ecosystem
  • Optional RTK and PPK For High Precision
  • Abundant Interface  

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