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3K Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon fiber is the fiber material that the amount of carbon content inside it is over 90%. The carbon fiber sheet abounds in the property of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, electric & heat conduction. It has got several specifications: 1K, 3K, 6K, 12k, 24K, etc. Many customers have asked what's the meaning of them and difference between them?

K means the amount of carbon fiber filaments one bundle. 1K means one bundle has 1000 carbon fiber filaments, 3K means one bundle has 3000 carbon fiber filaments,6K means one bundle has 6000 carbon fiber filaments and so on. The carbon fiber filaments are very thin, its diameter is 1/20 of that of hair, which generally is not used individually. Combining thousands of filaments into one bundle and then weave it into carbon fiber sheet, tubular product or other work pieces.

The amount of K is no direct relation with the quality of carbon fiber sheet. It is only the matter of appearance and the texture of carbon fiber sheet. Let's see the property of 1K and 3K carbon fiber sheet. For example, their strength is 3.5GPa, modulus is 220GPa, the elongation is 1.6%, the only difference is their linear density, and there are high requirements on their weaving technology. Therefore, the price of both of them is higher than 6K,12K and 24K. 3K carbon fiber filaments have a wide range of application. Such as, multi-rotor frames, model airplanes spars, car accessories, components of high speed railway and so on. With carbon fiber epoxy adhesive, composites can be used in construction reinforcements.

Our carbon fiber filaments are imported carbon fiber filaments, and carbon fiber sheet has high performance in corrosion resistance, seismic resistance, waterproof and high tensile strength. Test report and different specifications are available on request.