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Air Frame Building Material
The mechanical structure of an aircraft is known as the airframe. This structure is typically considered to include the fuselage, undercarriage, empennage and wings, and exclude the propulsion system.

Air-Frame design is a field of aerospace engineering that combines aerodynamics, materials technology and manufacturing methods with a focus on performance, as well as reliability and cost.

A Multi-rotor or Multi-copter is a Rotor-craft with more than two rotors. An advantage of multi-rotor aircraft is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control. Unlike single- and double-rotor helicopters which use complex variable pitch rotors whose pitch varies as the blade rotates for flight stability and control, multi-rotors often use fixed-pitch blades; control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced by each.
Popular materials for building light and durable Air Frames are listed below:
1. Balsa
2. Light Plywood
3. Aluminium
4. Steel
5. Composites
6. Plastic


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